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Review: UnderCoverEssentials Artificial Christmas tree Storage Bag


I was sent this xmas tree storage bag by the seller Hamptons Direct for free for a review.

This is an excellent solution to a problem I have had for years. This Christmas tree storage bag comes nicely packaged in a plastic along with a top leaflet which states the dimensions and other information. The bag is a good quality plastic that I have seen other storage bags been made out of before (I’ve tried taking a photo to show you what this fabric looks like).

This really is a great solution to my poor xmas tree. Every year we take out the same tree and every year after Christmas is over we have a nightmare packing it away. The box the tree came in is long gone, has been for many years but we still like using the same tree so we keep wrapping it up in black bags which if course aren’t big enough so we then try to stick the bags together with lots of tape which we then wind around the tree to try to keep the whole thing together and safe. It looks like a complete mess each year and ever December we have to basically cut the tree out of its plastic prison to put it up.

xmas-tree-bag1 xmas-tree-bag2

This is why this bag is such a great item to have. The bag itself comes neatly folded but when you unfolded it you see just how big it is. Check the dimensions first before buying it, but I would think most artificial trees would fit into this thing🙂. The bag can actually hold a lot and if you have a smaller tree you can put other things along side it (or buy the option with bags for decorations).

The material the bag is made from is pretty sturdy but my advice would be to be careful with the zip. Although it is a working and functional zip, it is a small thin one which from my experience with laundry bags can easily break. But as long as you are careful and don’t overload the bag you should be fine.


This bag is great for your tree but if for some reason you don’t have one or lose yours then it can always be used to store other things such as sheets and pillows (as long as you don’t put pressure on that zip). Overall I can recommend this bag. I haven’t had problems with it now and hopefully won’t have problems in the years to come.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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