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Review: Senyoo Ip68 Waterproof Portable Emergency Light


I as sent this emergency light by Senyoo for free for a review.

Wow, I can’t believe just how great this little device is! This camping lamp is definitely the thing to take with you if you go camping, or are just away outdoors for a few days. The camping lamp comes in a nice cardboard box (with plenty of information printed on it) along with a usb charging cable, instructions, and two straps that you can attach at either end making carrying the lamp/light that bit easier.

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The light already has a good charge in it to start with but I did charge it up upon getting it and it took about an hour to fully charge up using a mains usb charger. To charge up the lamp you have to unscrew the one end that doesn’t have the big green button on it. Once you unscrew this end the lid pulls off but is still attached with a plastic cable which is great for practicality as you won’t lose the lid but can still access the usb ports inside.
There are two usb ports. The smaller one is the micro usb that you fit the lamp’s charger to, then attach this cable to a mains usb or your pc to charge it up. The second usb port is for charging up your own phone and other devices when you are out and about. That’s right, the great thing about this lamp is that it also doubles as a power bank!
Once the charge is complete the blue light will just stay on without flashing.


There is a little metal handle on the other end of the lamp, this is accompanied by the big green rubbery button. You press this button again and again to cycle through the different available lights. This is where I love this lamp!
The first light is a dim white light, great for needing a boost of light that isn’t too bright.
Second light is a bright white light which is strong enough to really see in the dark where you point it.
Third is simply a red light (my pictures show it up as yellowy/red but it is just red)
Forth is a strobe red light, flashing on and off very quickly
Fifth is an emergency SOS light. It flashes in the internationally recognised morse code of 3 quick flashes of light, followed by 3 long pulses of light and back to 3 quick ones with a brief pause in between. (international morse code is 3 dots / 3 dashes/ 3dots)
The last light is simply a tiny blue light that lets you know how much charge you have left/ also off mode.


The instructions that come with the light are simple but easy to read and coupled with the information on the box you have no problem understanding how your light works. (Instructions come in both easy to read English and Chinese).
The little blue LED light that flashes at the end of the light cycle flashes according to how much power is left in your lamp which is such a great feature to have especially if you were truly in an emergency situation and needed to conserve power -1 blip of light flashes if you have 0-25% battery left/ two blips 25-50%/ three blips 50-75%/ four 75-100% (and although it doesn’t say so in the instructions I can tell you that no blips, just a continual light for a few seconds means 100% fully charged).


I said it before but I can’t believe how amazing this little light is! The light itself is easy to hold and grips perfectly in your hand. It really is a must item if you ever go rugged and are away from city life. You can use the power bank feature to charge up your phone, you can use the cold white light to see in the dark, and if you really get into some terrible trouble you can shine the SOS beacon light to attract some help. The packaging even suggests using it at a concert! But I can also see the practicality of using it when there’s a terrible night time power cut. It’s got a great feel to it and looks like it can withstand being dropped.
The lamp also claims to be waterproof and although I haven’t submerged it completely in water I have put it under running water and handled it with very wet hands. It seems to be ok but the only thing I’d advise is to make sure the lid with the usb sockets inside is tightly screwed on and because this doesn’t have a rubbery seal be very careful when unscrewing the lid and make sure to properly dry the whole area before inserting any cables.


I’d really recommend this lamp to anyone. It’s not really heavy, quite light actually, it’s got a great battery life (depending on how you use it) and I’d feel so much safer carrying this around with me the next time I take a trip somewhere a bit outdoorsy. There are so many places where this lamp can be useful both indoors and out and I just love this light! A great product I can really recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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