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Review: Niutop Electric Pencil Sharpener


I was sent this electric pencil sharpener by Niutop for free for a review.

This sharpener comes in a clear plastic box along with instructions, a usb cable and an extra sharpener core. The instructions are in both English and Chinese and are easy to understand though a bit small to read.


Now I’ve already tried a very similar looking pencil sharpener so was interested to see if this one would do a decent job. The sharpener itself can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or the usb able provided. I tried the usb cable while plugged into my laptop and unfortunately it just doesn’t work. The laptop just cannot give it enough power that it needs, although a mains usb socket performed fine. So I tried using the AA batteries instead.
Putting the AA batteries in the right order took a bit of work as I didn’t realise that the information on positive/negative was printed on the battery cover. But you cannot close the battery cover unless they are in the right order. I’ve taken a picture of the right way the batteries should be inserted.

nuitop3 nuitop4

After the batteries are in, using the sharpener is very simple. Just push your pencil down into the sharpener and it will automatically spin very fast, sounding like a drill. The pencils sharpen within seconds and it’s important to not press them down too hard or keep them in the sharpener too long. This leads to the pencil lead breaking.


Cleaning the sharpener is more of a challenge and although it is easy enough to do, I don’t like the fact that I need to use more than one hand to pull open the clear tray to empty the sharpener. I have to hold the sharpener with both hands (the groves of the clear tray away from my body) and then use both thumbs to push the tray open slightly. then I have to turn it over and push the grooves on the other side. I have to do this a couple more times before the tray opens apart and I can empty out the sharpenings. When the tray is full it also often needs me to put a pencil into it to get at the sharpenings that are caught behind the blade. These two reasons are why I drop a star for this sharpener.


Overall though this is a great electric sharpener and as long as you don’t over sharpen your pencils you will get these amazing very sharp pencils and mine are still very strong and work very well.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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