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Review: Mudder Electric Pencil Sharpener


I was sent this electric pencil sharpener by Mudder for free for a review.

I love colouring and so I’m always keen to try anything that makes my colouring time less of a pain. This electric pencil sharpener comes in a plastic box along with a usb cable, a replacement cutter/sharpener and brief instructions on care and use.

This pencil sharpener can be powered in one of two ways, either by 4 AA batteries or via the usb cable. I’ve tried both methods and they both work. I personally prefer the battery way though. Despite being much heavier due to the 4 batteries, that you have to buy and insert, it makes this thing completely portable! The battery compartment is on the bottom of the pencil sharpener and there don’t seem to be any instructions on which battery goes where, so just in case I thought I’d mention that there are springs on the lid of the compartment and the longer springs always need to touch the minus end of the battery.

mudder-pencil1 mudder-pencil2

Using the sharpener is a dream. Just push the pencil in and away it goes! Don’t let go of the pencil and only push it in for a few seconds, it really only takes a few seconds!
The result? Well, take a look! I’ve always taken the advice with colouring pencils to be wary of plastic sharpeners and to always use metal as they can sharpen to a longer point and are more gentle on the wood and lead. But just look at the pictures of the pencil I have sharpened! I’ve never seen such a long and thinly sharpened pencil! The sharpener hasn’t damaged the pencil and I’ve tested it by really colouring with it afterwards! There hasn’t been any damage and just look at that sharp point!🙂


The downside to sharpening pencils is that you’ll have to empty the tray; and this is where I drop a star for this sharpener. While the entire pencil sharpener works a dream, the process, for me, of cleaning out the compartment takes so much effort each time that I just wish it had been made easier.
Pulling out the compartment at the front isn’t as easy as it looks. Try as I might, pulling the compartment out with one hand while holding the sharpener with the other just doesn’t work. I ‘ve resorted to holding it with one side facing up (for example the side that says mudder) and I need to dig my thumbs into the curve of the compartment and really push down while pushing it out. I need to repeat on the other side before the sharpener really opens up and I can empty out all the shavings! Perhaps it is just me having difficulty but if I struggle then somebody else might too.


Overall I still recommend this pencil sharpener to anyone looking for one. The difficulty with opening it is far outweighed with the results you get from using this! The compartment for the shavings is very big and can hold a lot, so no need to change it that often. It’s fun to watch the pencils being sharpened too! And the overall design I love. I personally love the pink colour and also the non-slip feet on the bottom. I also love the fact it can be powered in two different ways. Overall an excellent item to get, just a shame that it isn’t a bit easier to clean.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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