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Review: Mudder 2 Hole Electric Pencil Sharpener


I was sent this electric pencil sharpener by Mudder for free for a review.

This sharpener is so easy to use and better than a previous one by Mudder that I’ve tried. The sharpener comes in its box along with instructions and a mini screwdriver hidden in the battery compartment. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand. There are also additional diagrams making it even easier to understand.

2-hole-pencil1 2-hole-pencil2

The sharpener can be operated with either 4 AA batteries or with an adapter, but this is not provided. Opening the batter cover is easy and you have to provide the 4 AA batteries yourself. Once the batteries are in, the sharpener is ready to use. The instructions are very simple. You put the small regular sized pencils into one hole to sharpen and the larger sized pencils fit into the other hole. The sharpener will work instantly with the smaller pencils but to insert the larger ones you will need to press down on the green button on the top of the sharpener where the holes are. This will make the hole large enough to fit the pencil into.


The pencil sharpener starts sharpening the pencils even before they actually push all the way down into the hole. As soon as the pencils pass that green plastic at the top of the hole, it triggers the mechanism to start sharpening. This actually makes sharpening the pencils better and more accurate. I’ve tried sharpening lots of pencils (although I haven’t tried any larger sized pencils) with this and compared to the previous Mudder model I’ve tried, this one is amazing. The sharpening motion is very smooth and instant and because you don’t have to press down as much you can really control how much you sharpen.


Cleaning out the pencil shavings is easy. I wasn’t sure how to open the plastic cover at first but it just takes my fingernail to carefully slot in a tiny gap and the plastic cover just comes away really easily, no difficulty at all.

The pencils become super sharp and I’ve had no broken leads. I’m actually really pleased with this sharpener that it’s not my new favourite sharpener and will replace the previous one I was using.


I’ve tried using a usb cable that came with another sharpener and this worked with my laptop, however it is a shame that this one doesn’t come with that cable. Overall though I give this a 5 stars. I just cannot fault this clever device.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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