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Review: Mudder 12 pc Art Paintbrush & Art Supplies Set


I was sent this art paintbrush and supplies set by Mudder for free for a review.

This paint brush set comes in re-sealable plastic bag. The set is great for portability. The pouch has quite hard sides that are slightly padded. When you unzip the pouch you reveal the paintbrushes on one side with the palette and spatula on the other. The zip has a string and plastic tag attached making it easier to use (although when first opening the pouch this plastic tag was inside the main pouch making it a bit tough to open the whole thing up).

mudder-art1 mudder-art2

The paintbrushes are very good quality. I have used them with acrylics and they both hold the paint well and paint it onto canvas well. There are no bristles shedding or anything like that. The paintbrushes are all different with a good variety of different shapes.
The spatula feels good and is a good quality too. The artists palette is plastic and although I can use this in my right hand (painting left-handed) it just isn’t so comfortable as it is to hold in the left hand so be aware of this if you are a left handed artist. The plastic though is good quality and smooth.


Overall this is a great travel paint brush set for any artist. The fact you can put everything away and zip it up is great as I just didn’t have a dedicated paint pouch for my brushes when I was studying art at school. The pocket the spatula and the palette sit in can also hold some other art other items you want to put in there. The only thing I will warn is that the picture above shows this set standing up. But it is NOT possible to stand this pouch up. But apart from that a great set at a good price. I can recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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