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Review: Luxebell Luggage Scale (With Backlight & Temperature)


I was sent this luggage scale by Luxebell for free for a review.

This luggage scale is so easy to use and so comfortable to hold, and as a bonus show the room temperature too!
The Luxebell luggage scale comes in its box along with instructions. The plastic it is sitting in looks like there is a missing battery but don’t worry, this scale already comes with a battery pre-installed, so you can use it straight away🙂. And if you ever need to change it, it needs one CR2032 battery.

The instructions are in English with clear diagrams of both how to insert the battery and how to weigh your luggage. The instructions are also easy to understand.
Taking out the battery to replace it isn’t too hard once you know how but is still a bit tricky so I am glad it is already re-installed. You have to pull at the battery compartment from one side first and them give it a wiggle to pull it out. Be careful as I nearly flung the battery across the room when I tried the first time!

luxebelle-luggage1 luxebelle-luggage2

Using this scale is so easy. First you hook your luggage to the scale using the belt (there’s a great diagram if you’ve never done this before). Then you turn the scale on. Make sure you turn the scale on without holding the suitcase or the measurement won’t be accurate.
The LCD screen lights up a green colour which does help you to see the numbers easier, and you start with the measurement in kg. If you prefer lbs you press the UNIT button once. Now, all you do is gently lift up your bag while holding the scale in both hands, keeping it horizontal. The scale instantly counts up to the proper weight and then flashes when it’s reached the right weight for your bag.

There is something about holding this luggage scale that I prefer to some others, and that is the slightly textured plastic on the black bottom part, behind the lcd screen. Something about that texture just made it easier to grip for me, and more comfortable to hold.


This scale of course has an additional feature – it can measure the temperature of the room. This is not only handy for travel purposes, but just great if you are curious how hot or cold the room you are in right now is. I’m not sure how far up or down the temperature the scale goes but its a great feature to have if you have anything in your luggage (hand luggage or hold) that can’t get too hot or too cold. For example I have to keep insulin at a certain temperature, so taking this scale when I travel is great as I can check my insulin won’t be damaged from just being in a hot or cold climate.
Finding out the temperature is easy – just keep pressing the UNIT button. The scale will naturally start in kg, then if you press UNIT it will go through all the units until returning to kg. The units are: kg, lbs, Celsius, Fahrenheit.

I’d recommend this scale to anyone. It seems to be accurate according to what I have weighed. It’s a great little device to take with you when you travel and will help stop you getting excess baggage charges…unless you consciously over pack :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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