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Review: Kitdine Silicone Travel Bottles


I was sent these silicone travel bottles by Kitdane for free for a review.

These three bottles come in a zip up pouch which gives extra protection from any spillages. These bottles are very clever and just perfect for travelling as they really won’t let anything spill. Each of the bottles is made of silicone which makes it very bendy and therefore easy to squeeze out every last drop of liquid inside.

To fill each bottle you unscrew the lid and pour in your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. The opening is wide so it’s easy to both fill and clean. Once the bottle is filled just screw back on the lid and then the bottle is spill free. Of course make sure the lid is properly screwed on. The lid of the bottle has a flip open cap on the top When you flip this lid open you’ll notice the hole is silicone covered and there is a tiny cross slit in the centre. It’s the cross slit that makes the bottle usable but also spill-proof. When you need to use the liquid you just squeeze the bottle, as soon as you stop squeezing the slit design stops all other liquid from pushing past it and this is not only spill-proof but also allows you to have better control over exactly how much you want to use of your products.

bottles1 bottles2

Each bottle has a label area, so you can remember what is in each bottle. Unfortunately the only way I’ve been able to really change and cycle through these is to take the bottle empty, unscrew the lid and then hold the white part of the bottle and twist. It still takes some time to twist it around but you can select: Soap, Lotion, Cond., Sun, Shamp.

These bottles also feature a hole so you can hang them up on a hook if you have one, as well as placing them on a shelf. Overall I have had no problems with any spilling and I like the fact that the handle at the very top is not hollow so making it easier to clean these bottles. A great product for travelling I can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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