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Review: JetSet Luggage Scale


I was sent this luggage scale by JetSet for free for a review.

These scales are great, simple and easy to use. The scale comes in its box along with instructions. The instructions don’t have any diagrams, but are very easy to understand and come in both English and Chinese. The instructions state how to insert a battery, but you don’t have to worry about this as the scale already has one CR2032 battery pre-installed!


Using this scale is very easy you simply hook the strap around your bag/suitcase handle and then attach the hook back to the triangle hoop. Then you turn the scale on. It’s important that you don’t pull on the suitcase at all yet or you will get an inaccurate reading. The scale only has one button to press. Short press this button to turn the scale on. Short press it again to turn it off.
Now, you can change the measurement you want to use. For example the scale starts by measuring kg, but if you want to change it you have to press and hold the button until you see it change to lbs. Then you have to press and hold it again to change to the other units until you get back to kg. The units available for weighing are: kg, lb, g and oz. Once you turn off the scale it will always come on using the same unit unless you change it again.


So, weighing you bag is very simple. Just turn on the scale to your preferred unit or measurement and then gently lift up your bag while keeping the scale horizontal in your hands. You only need to life the bag up a little off the ground and you get to see how heavy it is.

I’d recommend this scale to anyone. The measurement seems to be accurate according to what I weigh and is nice and comfortable to hold in both hands. I also like the added feature of being able to weigh in 4 different measurement units🙂. A great set of luggage scales for anyone interested in buying some.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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