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Review: HomeInspira Neon Strength Luggage Belt with TSA Lock


I was sent this travel luggage belt by Home Inspira for free for a review.

I really like this strap. It feels very secure and strong and has a TSA opening which won’t damage the actual strap, perfect if you plan on travelling to the US.

This luggage strap comes in a nice box which is pretty tough to open. All the instructions needed are on the back of the box. The strap itself is a good size and has a substantial feel to it. It feels very tough and robust and not at all flimsy like some straps I’ve seen. The strap has a standard combination lock with clear instructions on how to change the number as the factory preset is 000. Changing the number is a simple case of moving a pin on the back of the strap (I’ve provided pictures to show you) until you reach the combination number you want and then you place the pin back in its original position.

travel-belt1 travel-belt2

So, why go for this luggage strap and not a regular one or a padlock? Well, if you plan to travel to the USA then you have to be prepared for TSA customs to possibly go through your bag. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) have the right to search through people’s bags for security reasons. I’ve heard that people travelling through the US are advised not to lock their bags at all, but that doesn’t fill me with confidence as I’m quite OCD about these things and always want my bags secure. And this is why this luggage strap is so great! The luggage strap has a combination lock that will ensure its safety against other people opening up your bag, but the strap has an additional lock on it which the TSA people can use to open it if they plan to search your suitcase.
TSA can open you bag, do their necessary searches, and then reclose the strap around your bag. This means that once you get your bag back you won’t be disheartened by finding that the padlock’s gone and your bag is free to open by anyone. Instead you have your bag just as safely and securely fastened as you did when you last saw it.


The added bonus of this TSA lock is that once it has been opened the little green indicator on the front, next to the key lock, turns from green to red. This lets you know that your bag has been opened and helps ocd people like me cope with knowing my bag’s been riffled through (which is still an unpleasant thought, but great to know before opening it). Resetting this red indicator to green is easy and you just has to turn the lock sideways and move the green thing to the left – I’ve shown a picture of the side of the lock but the instructions on the box do a better job of explaining it than me🙂.


I’d really recommend this luggage strap to anyone travelling. If you are going to the US it is a must have item, but even if you don’t plan on going there it is still a great strap to have, it keeps your bag secure and you never know, you may one day end up travelling to the US and you’ll be fully prepared. A great product I can really recommend, and I love the fact it comes in four different colours!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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