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Review: HomeInspira Neck Pouch for Carrying Valuables


I was sent this neck pouch by Home Inspira for free for a review.

This is a really great pouch for keeping all your important things safe. This neck pouch comes in a nice box that has some information on the back and, what I love, the writing ‘Hide me’ on the front, which is exactly what you do with this pouch. I used to see waist belts on sale for travelling where you would keep all your valuable money, documents etc in, but I certainly prefer this neck pouch as it just more comfortable than anything around the waist for me.

neck-pouch1 neck-pouch2

The neck pouch comes folded in half. It will soon keep to a flatter shape if you keep it unfolded for a bit. There are a lot of pockets and I have tried to show you with photographs below. On the front you start with a Velcro flap. Open this to reveal two compartments that are long enough to fit passports in. Then, like opening a book, you pull the Velcro running along the side of the pockets to reveal the rest of the bag. You’ll see there are even more pockets!
On the left you have three pockets to fit credit cards into and a Velcro flap keeps another pocket below them closed, it looks a bit like a purse.
On the right you have another large pocket that can hold something a bit bigger than a passport, and sitting in front of it is a zipped up pocket, great for anything that could fall out with just a velcro seal.


The last pocket is on the back of the bag. When you get the bag you’ll notice the neck strap is placed inside this pocket, but once you remove it, the pocket can be used for anything else you can think of.

The neck strap attaches easily and is adjustable to very different lengths. The strap itself is very comfortable around the neck, I was worried it would pull and chafe a bit when the pouch was full of things, but it doesn’t. the pouch itself is very soft too. the part of the pouch that would sit next to you when you wear it (the back) has a very soft layer of some fluffy/spongy material which really adds to the comfort when wearing it, and stops anything inside from being felt against your body when you wear this.


This is a really great item to take with you on your travels, whether you are going abroad or just to a crowded location. I feel very safe with all my most important things in here and can really recommend this pouch🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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