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Review: Camry Luggage Scale with Backlight


I was sent this luggage scale by Camry for free for a review.

This Camry luggage scale is so easy and simple to use. The scale comes in its box along with very clear to read and easy to understand instructions. The instructions also include a diagram which is always a bonus for me. Don’t be alarmed when you first order this item and the amazon box comes with a big warning about flammable items inside. This is because the scale comes with a battery inside. A previous camry luggage scale I reviewed didn’t come with a battery inside, but this one does! The scale needs one CR2032 battery, but all you have to do is pull out the plastic tag in the battery compartment to get started.

camry-scale1 camry-scale2

The scale turns on straight away and you have two buttons, one is the on/off button and this also zeros the scale if you want to start again or weigh a second bag. The other button changes the weight from imperial (in lbs) to metric (kg). The default measure is in lbs and although you can switch and the kg sign appears, the lb sign never actually disappears so be aware of which weight you are measuring in.

To weigh your bag you simply switch the scale on. Wrap the strap around the handle of your bag, placing the hook back onto the triangle ring and then slowly lift up you bag while holding the scale horizontal the whole time. You don’t have to lift it far off the floor and as soon as you do the scale will calculate the weight. Then it will beep to let you know it’s weighed it and you can read the weight. I have to say that testing the scale it does seem to be accurate. I’ve tested it against other scales and it reads the same.


This scale is a bit larger than a previous one I tested but feels more comfortable to hold. Something about its shape makes holding it comfortable, and the nice blue back lit screen makes seeing the reading that much more easy. The added beeps also help you know when the scale has done its reading.

Overall I can really recommend this luggage scale to anybody looking for one. it’s a great item to have with you to avoid excess baggage charges at the airport. You can take the scale with you, if you like, while you travel, although you may want to keep it in the box as it is a bit of an awkward shape and you don’t want to damage the scale by something pulling on the triangle ring. Great scale, really recommend!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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