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Review: Camry Colourful Luggage Scale


I was sent this luggage scale in the red colour by Camry for free for a review.

I’m noticing something great about Camry products, and that is just how well packaged they are inside. This luggage scale comes well wrapped in bubble wrap with a small instruction leaflet which is very easy and clear to understand. The instructions have a clear image of what to do and don’t involve a lot of unnecessary writing, which for me is always a good thing.

There is an error to clear up with the instructions. They state that there is a battery present when ou just buy the scale but there is NOT. The description here on amazon is correct. The scale needs one 3V (CR2032) battery to operate, so make sure you have one or buy one to use this scale.

lugfun1 lugfun2

The battery compartment was a bit tight at first (perhaps my hands are a bit slippery) but putting the battery in is very easy and then you can weigh your luggage. You start by unwrapping the cord and make sure it hangs down at full length. The end of this cord has a hook. Feed the cord around the handle of your suitcase and then attach the hook onto the top triangle. This will allow you to pick up your luggage securely while weighing it. There is a picture of how this works in the instructions.
I know a description of how to use it may seem daft to some people, but you’d be surprised how the simplest of actions can sometimes escape the smartest of people🙂.

While keeping the bag on the floor you simply turn on the scale by pressing the button. Pressing the button for a moment first brings up a scrambled screen but wait a few seconds and then it will display the scale The scale is automatically in kg but if you want to convert it to lbs then you have to turn it on by pressing and holding for a while (instructions say 3 seconds but I’d give it a bit longer as it didn’t want to register when I did for just 3). In fact press and hold until you see the scale screen, the 000.0kg screen and then you can let go and the kg will flash. Press the button again quickly and you’ve converted to lbs. Do the same steps to convert back to kg. The scale will turn off automatically after a while but if you want to preserve the battery then you can just press and hold the button and it will turn itself off.

Weighing luggage is so easy, much easier than I thought. Just lift your bag gently off the floor and hold the scale horizontally and still. The weight is calculated very quickly and will flash on the screen and then stay displayed. Using this scale is so easy and I was able to weigh and re-weigh my bags with no difficulty.


The scale looks well make and I like the simplicity of it. If you plan to pack the scale and take it with you I’d advise keeping it somewhere safe or perhaps even in its original box. The scale has a slightly awkward shape where the strap dangles down and the leaflet even advises to keep it away from objects that could pull on the triangle ring or press the buttons on. So I’d keep it in its box or find a suitable place where it won’t be squashed too much.

I’d recommend this scale to anyone travelling who wants to make sure they avoid the excess baggage limit. The scale is nice and strong and is well made despite its simple look. It also comes in fun colours which I love. And especially with its current price I’d recommend this scale to anyone.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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