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Review: Ansio Vacuum Space Saving Storage Bags (2xLarge 2xMeduim 2xSmall + Pump)


I was sent these vacuum bags by Ansio for free for a review.

I really love these bags. You can really compress everything into such a small space and you don’t need a vacuum cleaner to do it! These storage bags come in a big bag with lots of pictures and some information about them. Inside the bag are your storage bags, six of them: 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large (which are really jumbo large!).

Using the bags is easy, you have to open them up at the top like a sandwich bag. Ignore the plastic clip that comes at the top of the bag, this is used only for closing the bag – it is not a zip type seal. You fill the bags with all your stuff and then close the bag up. Closing the bag is very fast and you take the white plastic clip that’s been sitting at the top and just move it from one edge to another. This completely seals your bag up and is much faster than using your fingers. It also doesn’t matter whether you seal the bag from left to right or right to left🙂.

After that comes the fun bit. Now I tried using the pump with these bags rather than a vacuum cleaner and I have to say that the pump was very easy. First you locate the white circle of plastic on the bags and then unscrew the cap. You will see that the pump can be properly screwed on, where the cap was, and then you start pumping. The pump feels and acts just like a balloon pump (although of course taking the air out rather than putting it into the bag). The pump itself isn’t stiff or anything and for me personally I didn’t find it too hard and it didn’t take too long for the bag to compress completely. It does depend on the amount of clothes and things you are compressing and also the size of the bag, but I was done in minutes. After this just take off the pump and replace the lid.
After all the air was sucked out of my clothes I can say that they looked like and felt a bit like some meats and cheeses that your find vacuum packed at the supermarket! And they were felt much heavier.

I really like this set of bags more than a previous set I have also tried. The other set was the same but just had 6 large bags. This set has 2 of each size and I definitely prefer this. I am unlikely to need a big bag if I go away for a while but the smaller ones are not only easier to pump but also easier to take with you if you need to compress something while away.

Overall I can really recommend these bags. I haven’t tried them with a vacuum cleaner yet as I really wanted to se if the pump worked, but I can say that it does and the effect on space after compressing a bag of clothes is just amazing. It’s definitely a great item to get if you are looking to store things away for a while or need to travel without all the bulk🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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