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Review: Wildman Leather Men’s Wallet


I was sent this leather men’s wallet by Wildman for free for a review.

This leather wallet is perfect if you have a lot to carry as there are just so may slots and pockets. The wallet comes looking like one, at first, but as soon as you open it you will see the mini wallet slotted inside the larger one. Both wallet and mini wallet are made from leather .

walletwallet2 wallet3 wallet4

The main, larger wallet has a pocket on the back, before you even open it up. This pocket is large enough to fit an oyster card, train or buss pass into. Once you open the wallet up though, that is when you will see just how many slots and pockets this thing really has! For a start there is the space for notes, this is far wider than bank notes so plenty of room. There are two compartments here, and there is also a hidden zipped up one.
There are five spaces for cards inside the wallet, 3 on the left and 2 on the right, with the third space on the right taken by a zipped up compartment. This though doesn’t have much space so not a lot of change or anything will fit here.
This however is not the end of all the pockets as you can see from my pictures, there are two slightly hidden compartments behind the left card slots and 2 behind the right card slots. This is where the mini wallet was slotted into and you can keep this there or something else!


The mini wallet has 3 card slots on the back, and a ‘hidden’ slot behind these 3 (just like in the main wallet) and inside features two slots which are clear. This makes it a perfect place to keep any ID or train pass or anything else you may want to keep there.


Overall this is a really great wallet. so many pockets and slots and for real leather I think it’s a great price! I’ve asked for a male family member to give me their verdict after I gave them this wallet and he certainly likes it although he too thinks that the front zipped slot for keeping change is too small and doesn’t open up enough. But if your primary use is for all your cards and notes then this is a great wallet to own.



Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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