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Review: Mudder Artificial Autumn/Fall Maple Leaves


*This item may no longer be available at amazon UK, however it may be available elsewhere.

I was sent these maple leaves by Mudder for free for a review.

These maple leaves come in two separate packs (one red and one yellow) in a re-sealable plastic bag. There was an immediate difference between the red and yellow leaves in my two packs. While the yellow leaves look jut like those in the picture and are creased to resemble crisp fallen leaves, the red ones were noticeably flatter and not as stiff and creased. The red is also far brighter than that of the picture above.

maple-leaves1 maple-leaves2

These leaves, both colours, are cut out of material and have that vein leaf design printed on one side. From far away they do look like fallen maple leaves and close up the yellow ones in my pack (due to having that stiffness) actually resemble and feel a bit like a crisp leaf too.

While these would look lovely just placed as a decoration for a party with an autumn theme, I can already see another use for these leaves in the world of crafting. As someone who enjoys both sewing crafts and paper crafts I can see how some individual leaves could be used to create different craft objects too.


Overall I think for 100 pieces of each colour this is worth the cost. As a decoration they are lovely but if you are a crafter then you’ll love using these too.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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