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Review: Kurzty 42 Colourful Crochet Thread Reels


I was sent this crochet thread by Kurtzy for free for a review.

Well, this is strange. This was a review of stripy cotton but I was sent plain coloured cotton. It comes in a variety of great shades, but none stripy.
The cotton comes in a bag and that bag is inside a Kurtzy bag.

Each of the individual cotton reels is 47.5 yards long and there really are a lot of colours. The quality of the cotton reels are great and not only can this be used for crochet but it also makes for an excellent cotton to use with embroidery work or even cross stitching which is what I have tried using it for recently.


The range of colours of this cotton is so vast. There are so many different shades of pink, or purple, blue, green , etc, that you can really find the exact colour you want which is perfect if like me you are making your own designed cross stitch or your own embroidery. Every single colour is subtly different from all the others even though some of them do look very similar.

Overall this is a great crochet cotton reel set. And I am personally more happy that they are not stripy due to the fact I can just do more with them, but if you are looking for stripy cotton be aware that you may not get what you thought you paid for.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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