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Review: IPow Set of 4 Floral Cosmetic/Stationary Cases


I was sent these cases by ipow for free for a review.

I really do love these bags. You get 4 bags that basically look like small pencil cases. Each is individually wrapped in plastic and there are 4 different designs. As you can see from the pictures below, the bags have two compartments, one main compartment and an extra pocket on the side. Each zipper has a cute baby pictured on it and is very easy to pull with no problems.
The inside of the main compartment has a lining that is wipe-clean. This makes it a perfect place for storing something which has the potential to leak out by accident, such as make up. The side pocket doesn’t have a fully wipe-clean inner but is still big enough to hold some items.

ipow-purses1 ipow-purses2

So, these bags can be used for anything you can think of. I’ve certainly used them to store some of my art pens that I use for colouring, they can also be used as make-up bags, or purses for money. Basically anything you can think of! The best thing for me about these bags is the price. Considering how much a simple purse or pencil case can cost these days to buy in a shop you really are getting your money’s worth by buying these…Remember you get four for the price.

I’d recommend these bags to anyone who’s looking for some nice bags to keep pencils, pens, makup, money, etc. They aren’t too long so won’t easily accommodate some long pencils but I just love them. They really do feel like they are quality made and the designs are just so beautiful. A perfect simple and inexpensive gift for friends, family or yourself.🙂


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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