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Review: eBoot Reusable Shoulder Style Shopping Bag


*This item may no longer be available on amazon UK, however it may be available elsewhere.

I was sent this reusable shopping bag by eBoot for free for a review.

This shopping bag comes to your door in a plastic bag. The shopping bag itself starts out inside another bag with the same pattern. This drawstring bag holds the big shopping bag inside and has a popper on one side – which will make sense when you unfold the actual bag.

The bag I have (red) is pretty big when unfolded and is made of a very tough and durable material which almost has some weight to it. The stitching seems very solid too and I’ve had no problems using it so far. The bag inside has a wipe clean white lining which is great if some of your shopping doesn’t behave and you manage to spill something. The outside of the bag seems to be waterproof, or rain proof and the whole bag just feels very nice to hold.

reusable-bag1 reusable-bag2

The shopping bag has a popper along one of the edges. This is where the popper from your drawstring bag fits on. This is great as you not only keep the drawstring bag safe, but you now have an additional compartment to keep a few other lightweight items in (lightweight as the popper is the only thing holding it on the bag).

The whole shopping bag is very large and it’s got handles that are large enough to put on your shoulder if you like to carry something that way. The bag itself doesn’t have much width inside though between the front and back – although this didn’t stop me from being able to put very bulky items in here.


The only reason I give this a 4 and not a 5 star rating is that I am quite fussy about being able to properly pack a shopping bag and unfortunately although the handles are great to carry, they don’t allow you to really open up the bag much and this means you can never see into the bag that clearly. A minor niggle but that’s my own personal view.

Overall this a great item to have with you now that we have to pay for every plastic bag we take from the supermarket, and I don’t know how others feel but I’d rather walk around with this thing with its fun dot design, than a cheap plastic bag with the supermarket logo on it. A great item I can recommend🙂.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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