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Review: eBoot 100 Sheets 12cmx12cm Origami Paper


*This may no longer be available on amazon UK, however it may be available elsewhere.

I was sent this origami paper by the seller eBoot for free for a review.

This origami is plain and the design shown in the first picture is on a piece of card. The paper is small, smaller than I first anticipated so check the dimensions before you buy (the second is of a sheet of the origami paper on an A4 area. There are 10 different colours and I’ve tried to show you them in the photo I took of the side of the packet.

orgami1 orgami3

I’ve used origami paper before and there are different kinds. Many origami papers have a touch of gloss to the paper and are white on one side. This paper does not have a glossy look and does not have a white side to it. The paper sheets are just plain normal coloured paper. The paper is also a bit thinner than I am used to with origami.


I’ve tried using this paper and it does fold well, but because of the mini size it is quite fiddly for more complex designs. But the paper does hold and you do get a lot of sheets to have fun with and in a nice variety of different colours.

Overall good paper, but I would have preferred something slightly thicker and bigger.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click  here


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