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Review: Curtzy 30pc Crochet Set


I was sent this crochet set by Curtzy for free for a review.

I’ve only recently taken up crocheting and find it more fun that knitting! I’ve been used to using just the basic crochet needles and equipment but after trying out this pack, my hobby has really taken off and I love it even more!

This crochet set from Curtzy comes in lovely baby pink (always a bonus for me!) and is a great zip up pack. Inside, when you unzip it you’ll find 8 crochet hooks marked A-I from sizes 2.0mm to 6.0mm. The pack also includes a stich counter which is very easy to use, needles to sew up your crochet work, little safety pins to mark your stich work, a large metal pin and a pair of scissors which don’t quite look like scissors.

curtzy-crochet1 curtzy-crochet2

The scissors I just mentioned may look a bit scary but they cut yarn so well! They are so sharp due to the way they overlap and are so easy to use, but beware they aren’t covered so don’t hurt yourself.

curtzy-croche4 curtzy-crochet-3

The crochet hooks though, now they are really amazing. I’ve tried the standard hooks that look like knitting needles and while they do a good job, they are not nearly as comfortable as these. This is becuase of those amazing rubbery handles. I didn’t realise that such a handle on the crochet hook would really lend so much to how it feels when you hold it. Not only do I have an excellent grip on the hook, but it’s also really comfortable and just feels so natural.

curtzy-crochet5 curtzy-crochet6

Now, I’m only still a novice at crochet, but I can definitely recommend this kit to anyone who is either a dedicated crocheter or other novices like me. It’s an great kit that has really made crochet more fun and easy!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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