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Review: TaoTree 72-Slot Canvas Pencil Wrap


I was sent this canvas pencil wrap by the seller Good Liu for free for a review.

*There are no pencils included in this, it is only the canvas wrap.

This canvas wrapped case comes to your door in a plastic bag. Now, those of you who know me will know my reviews are filled with colouring books and I just love colouring, so something like this is perfect for me. This canvas case is just perfect for being able to take your pencils with you wherever you want to go.

The case is nicely wrapped when you first receive it with its popper fastener in place. First you undo the popper and then unwrap the leather like strap that’s wrapped around the case. This case then unfolds three times along and them once across, so it is six times the size of the closed case. On the inside you will find lots of elastic slots for all your pencils and other accessories. There are 72 pencil slots (I’ve counted them to make sure) and 3 other bigger slots to fit rubbers, pencil sharpeners or anything else you can think of.

canvas-pencil1 canvas-pencil2

The pencils all slot in nicely along with my rubber, and even after fitting all the pencils I have in, I still don’t have as many as 72 to fill the entire case! All of the pencils are well secured in the elastic, nothing loose, although a traditional metal sharpener didn’t seem to have anywhere it could go as it was too thick for a pencil slot and too thin for one of the larger slots.

After putting all my pencils and accessories in I folded up the case and wrapped the strap and closed it using the popper. I tried carrying this around and even purposefully shook it up and down to see if anything fell out and I am very please to say it didn’t!🙂 None of the pencils fell out and they are so secure that when I opened the case back up I tried shaking it again with the pencils visible, and they still held inside their plastic slots.


This pencil storage case is great for anybody into the new colouring craze but it’s also good for artists who want to take along charcoal, pastel or oil or sketch pencils too, I even fitted some paint brushes in the slots (depending on their size). This is a great all round case for carrying anything arty and the material is equally good too, being very think and robust. I haven’t had any problems with this case and given how many pencils you can actually fit for the price I think it is well work the cost. A great case for travelling that I can recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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