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Review: MyArtscape Oil Paint Set (12x12ml tubes)


I was sent this oil paint set by MyArtscape for free for a review.

I have never painted with oils before although I’ve become pretty good with acrylics and am getting the hang of water colours so my review cannot compare to any other oil paints. This paint set comes in a box along with a thank you card. There are twelve colours and each tube is just 12ml which are smaller than they look in the amazon picture.

oil-paints1 oil-paints2

There is a decent range of colours in this set and I’m pleased to see both white and black are there. Now I’ve never painted with oil paints and so it was a new experience for me, but using these paints is actually very enjoyable and they make the perfect starter set for somebody who is new to oil or wants to see if they would like to use them as a medium.
Oil paints are quite a different experience from using acrylics, you need to use turpentine or another similar solution as water alone won’t clean them from your brushes, they also have a stronger smell than other paints. Apart from that painting with them is similar to acrylic paints but again different. The paint is very think and even mixing two different colours to create a new one takes longer. But having a thicker more textured paint actually was a joy for me as I always enjoy painting very detailed things and with oil paints it is easier to do this. These paints really feel like good quality and although I haven’t had any other oils to compare to, I know from my experience of acrylic myartscape paints, the company does create good quality things.


I’d recommend this set as a starter. If you are serious about painting with these then you will need to order more than one set as it is easy to use up a tube quickly, and I’m hoping that in future this company may release bigger tube sizes to accommodate artists. But for a starter kit this is just great and I can recommend them🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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