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Review: MyArtscape 7pc Travel Paintbrush Set


I was sent this travel paintbrush set for free for a review.

This travel brush set is really special. You get a plastic outer box that contains some information about the brush types and what they are good for plus some care tips and information on the website. Inside this plastic case is the travel pouch itself. The pouch itself IS very portable. It’s got a nice and light weight and all the brushes sit neatly inside that they don’t fall out.

travel-paint-brushes1 travel-paint-brushes2

When you open up the pouch you will see a long string running around the outside of the pouch from the closing popper. This string is cleverly used to help hold the pouch in a standing position if you want to keep your brushes standing. I’ve shown pictures of how to do this. Simply put the pouch in a standing position and then pull the string until it is tight between the two outer covers. Then just tighten the string pull to stop the string from loosening and there you go! Standing paint brush pouch!
Having your paint brushes stand up like this is really useful when you are painting. If you are changing from one brush to another then you can place them in their holder (not as far down as usual) and it not only helps to keep the safe in one place but also helps stop the wet/ paint covered ones from marking all the others or your pouch.


You get 7 brushes in this set and there’s the variety to create any painting you want on the go. The back of the plastic box details what each type of brush is good for and I just love the rake brush for painting fur, grass or landscapes. I paint a lot of cats so I just love this brush!🙂

I’m new to watercolours but have been painting with acrylics for years and I can say that these brushes are able to handle both types of paint really well and easily.


I really love using these paint brushes, I just can’t get enough of them! The bristles of each brush are really good quality and the whole feel of these brushes in my hands just seem perfect. This really is a quality product and I’d really recommend it to anybody who is either new to painting or been a keen artist for years. I’d also recommend checking out the website for more information on the brushes, how to care for them and the people behind the company.
Everything about this brush set I love, from the easy of use right down to that clever logo:).
This travel set is really portable and so great to use! This would make an excellent gift for friends, family and even yourself! A great item I can really recommend!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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