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Review: MyArtscape 6pc Paintbrush Set


I was sent this paintbrush set by MyArtscape for free for a review.

This is a great starter set of paint brushes for anybody, especially those new to painting. You get six different brushes and each one is a different kind. You get a flat, liner, wave, filbert, round and angle brush. Each of these brushes is different and creates a different effect when used in painting. For those new to painting the back of the pack tells you what each of these types of paint brushes is best used for, plus two other types not included in this starter set.

6pc-brush1 6pc-brush2

The brushes are a very good quality. I’ve only used these with acrylics although I can see how they will work well with both oils and watercolours too. The brushes haven’t shed any hairs which is another sign of their good quality. Before using the brushes the first time they have a slight coating from manufacturing which you can get rid of by simply washing the brushes in warm water with a little soap. They are then fine to use all the time.

Although this set only contains six brushes it really is a great starter kit if you’re new to painting. None of the brushes is too large for big canvas painting but for smaller artwork these are perfect. They are far better than using a standard shape brush alone and for example the wave brush is very good at creating grass which I’ve tried to do in one of my own paintings.


Overall a great starter kit I’d recommend to anyone who wants to try painting for the first time, or who’s interested in trying out different types of brush.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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