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Review: MyArtscape 15pc Paintbrush Set (Short Handle)


I was sent this paintbrush set by MyArtscape for free for a review.

This is a lovely brush set that comes in it’s own carry pouch. The brush set comes to your door inside its own gift box! Just look at that box! It would certainly make the perfect gift for any budding artist out there, and even has a little gift tag too!
Inside the box there is the paint brush pouch along with a small leaflet about the company and some care instructions. The pouch the brushes are in is a zip up pouch and it comes with its own carry loop so it is very handy for taking around with you (certainly better than the loose bag I used to take my paint brushes to school in!).

15a 15b

When you unzip the pouch you will see the set of paint brushes, 15 of them, in various sizes and shapes. This is a really good range of brushes and should suit most artists well. The pouch has a clever design to help make the brushes stand up in their case. I have left pictures to show you. Simply lift off the inner part that the brushes are sitting in. You’ll see two rows of Velcro. Detach the paint brushes form the Velcro pad they are stuck to and re attach to the one further inside the pouch. The flat part of the pouch that the brushes have been laying on will automatically bend (and you can see where to bend it too) and there you go! Standing brush set! Just repeat with the other side to have them all standing up.
Having your brushes standing is a great thing as not only is it easier to pick them up from their pouch, but when painting you can easily place your brushes back in their stand (though not all the way down) and the wet/paint covered brushes won’t mark or make wet the other brushes in the set. It also helps to dry them out faster.


I really do love using this brush set. I am used to the length of these handles, but if you are an artist who prefers longer handles then there is a set of brushes that are identical in their brush sizes and heads but have a longer handle. Just take a look at the myartscape brush range for those brushes.

I use acrylic paints and have recently been trying out watercolours (although with some disastrous results :)!) These paint brushes work well with both types of paint for me and are so comfortable to hold too. Everything about this brush set screams out quality to me and are just like the well known brands of brushes I’ve used from art stores before.


I’d urge anyone interested to check out the website for more information on this brush set. There are care instructions there for the brushes including the fact that you should give them a bit of a clean before using them the first time.
I really do love using these brushes and the pink colour is a bonus for me too! The brushes are such good quality it really would make the perfect gift for family, friends and even for yourself! I can really recommend this brush set to anyone interested, they really are great!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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