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Review: MyArtscape 15pc Imitation Bristle Paintbrush Set (Long Handle)


I was sent this paint brush set by MyArtscape for free for a review.

This is a lovely imitation bristle paint brush set. It comes in a lovely presentation box that makes the perfect gift for an artist, even if that is yourself!. The paints inside the presentation gift box come in their own carry pouch and a small leaflet about myartscape and care instructions for the brushes. The carry pouch is unzipped to reveal all the brushes and comes with a small handle making it perfect to travel around with.


This travel pouch has a very clever design. Not only is it something to carry your paint brushes in, but it also doubles as a stand for your brushes. To turn it into a stand you have to lift the stiff material, just behind the brushes, and lift it off of the Velcro it is attached to. when you do this you’ll notice another strip of Velcro, towards the middle of the pouch. Attach the stiff material to this middle section (bending it as you do this) and then your paint brushes will be standing up. Repeat with the other side of paint brushes and there you have it!


Having your paint brushes standing up like this is good for two reasons. Fristly it’s easy to pick up your brushes when you are painting and secondly if you’ve got some paint or water on a brush you can put it in the stand (not all the way down) and they won’t mark or make wet the other paint brushes in the holder Great if you are working with two colours at the same time which I sometimes do.

I really have taken a liking to this paint brush set. Ever since trying long handled paint brushes I think I love them more than regular size. It’s easier and more comfortable to work with a canvas with longer handled brushes, which these are. These brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and not only are the sizes displayed on the handles but so is the type of brush such as ‘flat’ or ‘filbert’.


The last thing I like about these is that they are imitation bristle. Bristle brushes are a bit stiffer than regular haired brushes and these make them good for using thicker paints such as oil or acrylic. I’ve never really liked buying real bristle brushes as being vegetarian I’m not a fan of using anything made from animals (whether humanly made or not). But with imitation bristle I don’t have to worry about this. And these brushes really do work. They do feel a bit stiffer and do hold oil paints well. I’ve tried using both acrylics and for the first time oil paints too and I’m happy that these brushes work well with both, being a little stiffer you can create a more textured look to your paintings.


Overall I can recommend this brush set. It looks lovely, works really well and has a clever stand design. They would make the perfect gift for anybody artistic and I just love using them🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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