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Review: Marco 72 Art Colouring Pencils


I was sent thee Marco Raffine art pencil set by the seller NiutopUK for free for a review.

I am very fussy when it comes to colouring pencils. Being someone who is really into colouring books, I have to have a set of pencils to colour with that are good at going on paper, don’t leave any scratchy parts, and they have to blend well too if I am to mix colours together. Up until now I haven’t come across pencils better than my whsmith ones (not that I’ve tried every brand) but this pack of 72 pencils is truly as good as the ones I already have.

You get a box and inside the pencils are neatly arranged (in 3 rows) in order of colours. The pencils also have numbers on them if you want to use a specific number again or just want to keep them in a nice neat order. The pencil ends show you a good idea of what colour the pencil is – don’t look at the nib as plenty of them appear darker than on paper.

I have to admit, being so happy with the set of pencils I currently used I was sceptical that any others could be so good. But I have been amazed. The pencils all have a waxy texture. This makes them apply to paper easily and is also the crucial element to blending colours. The pencils do really blend! Try them for yourself by putting yellow on top of a light pressing of blue and you’ll see a strange new shade of green appear!🙂.

The pencils are also very robust. I’ve sharpened them and not found any of them breaking even when sharpening to a point which is important for colouring pencils as many I have tried in the past keep breaking.

The best thing about these pencils is the colours! You get 72 pencils and not one repeat! Although at first I thought there were going to be some doubles in here, I am pleased to say that every pencil is different to the others. Not only that but the pencils have such a wide variety of colours that I doubt you’d need to blend them to create new colours. No other pencil set I’ve used has ever had such a wide range of purples, from dark to lilac, lightest blue to dark, greens, reds, browns, turquoise, black, a range of orange to yellow, pinks, white, I’m sure I’ve missed some out, and….This set also has a gold and a silver!! The last time I had true gold and silver in a pencil set was a kids set of pencils. In the centre of the middle row there is a gold and silver, to the light the nibs look like they occasionally sparkle and on paper the effect is best seen when you shine a light back and forth!

I have really enjoyed using these pencils and can really recommend them. So far I haven’t found fault with any of them. They have really added to my pencil collection and with such a range of colours I’m even more excited to get back to my colouring books and colour in some more pictures.
Lovely art quality pencils I can recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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