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Review: Marco 48 At Colouring Pencils & Pouch


I was sent this pencil set plus pouch by Erofa for free for a review.

These pencils and holder come with no outer packaging or bag. The pencils are very good quality art pencils. I am fussy when it comes to colouring pencils being an avid colourer and artist. Until recently I only thought that WH Smith colouring pencils were of good quality. But recently I’ve learned that these pencils, this brand, are the same quality too. The pencils come in a good range of colours. They don’t break easily when sharpened and when colouring with them they are quite waxy which is good as not only do they apply to paper well but they ARE actually blendable. So put together yellow and a light coating of blue and you will see a strange green emerge🙂.

48pencil1 48pencil2

The pencil holder has 48 elastic slots for pencils plus two larger slots for a big rubber or a large sharpener. There is also one more additional pencil/pen slot on the very edge of the bigger slot making an actual total of 49 slots for pencils. There are no slots big/small enough for a metal sharpener though. The pencils can slot in both ways, but one side has a flap and if you put the nibs under this flap it keeps them safe.

The wrap does wrap up with all your pencils and stuff in there, but it will of course be much more bulky. The wrap is made of a nice thick material which really does a good job of keeping your pencils safe from breaking and I have shaken the pouch with the pencils in them and they have not come away of slid out so that’s very good.


Overall a great set of pencils alone but with the added pencil wrap, this is a great product I can recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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