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Review: GreooGo Patterned Pencil Wrap


I was sent this pencil pouch by the seller Tandi_Shop for free for a review.

This pencil wrap comes in a re-sealable bag along with some beads. The wrap itself is lovely and soft and looks well made. The wrap I have has 36 slots for pencils plus on each end an extra wide slot for a big rubber or larger sharpener. None of these slots will be able to hold a metal sharpener though. The slots are simply a material elastic, but do their job well.
The pencils hold very easily in the wrap, I actually tried shaking the wrap to make them fall out and they haven’t.

pencil-pouch1 pencil-pouch2

Once the wrap is full of pencils it is easy to just roll it up from one end to the other and then there are two long lace-like ties that easily keep the whole pencil wrap tied up. It is easy enough to wrap up the pencils however you will notice them, they will be visible even when they are wrapped up, but again I tried shaking this wrap and they really didn’t fall out.


The wrap comes with a few additional beads which you can use in whatever way you want. I don’t need or use them with this wrap. I really like the feel and the design. The fact it is canvas makes it very easy to bend and when you have it open and are loading your pencils into the wrap there is a flap where you can place the nibs of you pencils under, to keep them extra protected (I only realised this flap after I had taken the photo). I really like using this wrap and it’s a far better way to keep my pencils, especially if I’m going somewhere, than the box they come in. A lovely item with a lovely book design, I can recommend🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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