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Review: YIXIN Wooden Geometric Stacking Toy Shapes


*This may no longer be available at amazon UK, but may be available elsewhere.

I was sent this wooden stacking toy by Yixin for free for a review.

I love wooden toys for kids. There is always something special about receiving and having a wooden toy. This toy comes on a box full of Chinese writing but that doesn’t matter as the toys itself doesn’t require any language. This toy actually reminds me of that toy where there are triangle, square and round holes and young kids have to fit the correct shape into the correct hole. This toy though deals with shapes and numbers too.

yixin1 yixin2

The block itself is very sturdy as are all the pieces. The point of the toy is that there are different shapes: square, circle, triangle and oblong, and each shape has a different amount of holes drilled into it and is supposed to be placed on the corresponding pegs. There are four of each shape and each shape comes in green, yellow, red and blue. Now, unlike the train set that I previously reviewed that has similar looking blocks these are far better in their make. With the other blocks on the train set, some were not drilled properly making it difficult for a young child to push the shapes into their correct places, but with this toy I have found all the shapes to fit perfectly. I have tried every shape in every direction and upside down too and found no problems with any of the holes🙂.


This toy has a 3+ age rating but I could see that with supervision it can be used with younger children. It is a lovely toy that can help with learning numbers and also shapes and colours. And being wooden it just makes it that bit more special for me. I can recommend this toy to anyone looking for something like this. It may be a simple toy but it really is lovely and the quality of it is great. The blocks are sturdy and there are no sharp or rough parts. A great gift for young ones.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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