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Review: YIXIN Build-n-Play Jeep


I was sent this build n play Jeep by Yixin for free for a review.

This toy comes in a bag with the jeep assembled and a little plastic spanner and screwdriver. The label on the back shows how to assemble the vehicle if there is any confusion.

This toy is meant to be disassembled and then put back together by kids, with some supervision for younger kids. The whole jeep comes apart as you can see from the photos below. Each piece of the jeep is plastic and the whole thing is held together with mainly plastic screws. There are 4 nuts (on the wheels) that tighten with the spanner (or the handle of the screwdriver) and one piece that slots on top a bit like a lego brick.

jeep1 jeep2

All of the pieces seem well made for a plastic toy and quite robust. There are no stiff screws or anything difficult that would frustrate a child trying to put this together. Of course being a toy for very young kids, (3+ on the box) this toy should have some supervision, at least to get kids going and let them know how to put the toy together. Putting it together really doesn’t take very long at all and by the end you have a fully working toy jeep. The wheels all move and it can really be played with. As I said the toy is very robust, when put together it not only rolls back and forth but I’ve also had it banged and knocked about a bit with no damage to either toy or child (although I cannot comment on long term use with rough play).


I give this 5 stars because I just cannot fault the design. Unlike another assembly toy I’ve tried, this one has no awkward shapes that don’t fit together, in fact the screws and nuts didn’t even need much tightening and yet the whole toy is securely together. This is a lovely toy to give to young kids of either sex, not only will they learn by putting it together but they’ll also have a great toy car at the end of it. Disassembling it is as easy as putting it together and I have to say that even as an adult I do like this toy🙂.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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