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Review: Visionlight RC Monster Car


I was sent this RC Car by Visionlight for free for a review.

This RC car comes in it’s box along with instructions, a transmitter (or controller), a mains plug charger and a bag with a hex wrench, Philips screwdriver and steering wheel inside it. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand.

Although the RC car has charge when you first use it, it’s good to fully charge the battery pack. To do this the plastic shell of the car has to be lifted off. this is done by removing the four small metal slide pins that hold it down. Then you lift off the shell and notice there are 4 latches that hold the cover to the battery pack in place. Slide these out and take the cover off. The battery pack can be removed and attached to the mains plug charger. When charging the light on the charging plug is red, this turned green after a short time to indicate the charge was finished. Replace the battery pack and put the lid and shell back on.

rc-car1 rc-car2

The next thing is the transmitter or the controller for the car. You need to put in 2 AA batteries which you have to buy yourself, into the compartment on the back. You then need to attach the plastic wheel to the controller before it is ready to use. There’s a switch on the side of the controller, to turn it on and off and this was instantly paired with the car. Then you have some fun!

The transmitter is far easier to use if you are right-handed, which wasn’t so good for me. It’s for holding in the left hand, and using your left hand to control the accelerate/ reverse, and the steering is done with the right hand. Unfortunately being left handed I was quite clumsy using this for a time, driving it into myself or into furniture repeatedly.


The car is best used outside where you’ve got a lot of space. It’s fast and a slight push on the accelerate trigger just makes it go, so only give it a slight push either forwards or backwards.
I’ve had a lot of fun using this RC Car and I haven’t had any problems at least not yet. I’ve rammed it quite hard into furniture legs and walls without any damage to the car, in fact it feels quite robust given how much I drove it into things.
Overall I am very happy with it and can’t fault this fun car :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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