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Review: Ty Beanie Ballz – Tumbles


Birthday ???

*This review is for the small version.

Another addition to my growing Ty Beanie Ballz family, Tumbles is the cute pink cat with just enough beans in her bottom to always land on her feet! This version is the small and she’ just fits in the palms of my hands! Tumbles is part of the Beanie Ballz range of toys which are all ball shaped and filled mainly with fluff but there are beans in her base that keep her upright. The Beanie Ballz have a saying: ‘Throw me, catch me, roll me’ and although I could never throw such a cute little kitty, I have tried rolling her on the table and even when I place her upside down on her head, she always rights herself within seconds to a standing position!

Apart from being clever and so cute because of that round shape, Tumbles also has these magical blue eyes. They follow you around the room wherever you are. Try standing above her, she’ll look at you; below her, she’ll be looking at you; to her side, she’ll be looking at you. It’s so very cute!🙂

Tumbles has something written on her tag, ‘My bright pink fur is very nice,I look fabulous when chasing mice !’ Apart from the little rhyme, ty beanie ballz toys usually have a birthday listed. But her tag doesn’t. I’ve tried searching for her birthday on the ty website but I still can’t find one😦. So all I can say is that she’s a very cute kitty but I don’t currently know when her birthday is.

Tumbles, a lovely, cute pink cat that you can love whatever your age and a lovely gift to get for someone, of just to keep for yourself!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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