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Review: Ty Beanie Ballz – Tank


Birthday 1st June

*This is review for the small version.

Somebody recently bought me this cute little toy along with others in the beanie ballz range. Tank is a cute gorilla whose birthday is June 1st. He’s a wonderful cute ball of fluff stuffed with some beans in the right place so he always lands on his feet. The ty label suggests throwing him like a ball, you could do this, he is the perfect ball size, fitting perfectly into my hands, but I can’t throw this cute little guy, I love stuffed toys too much to throw them🙂. But I did try putting him on his head and just like it says, he quickly righted himself so he was standing again.

The toy is well made being ty and I can’t find anything wrong with him. His round shape makes him more fun to cuddle and very cute (gorillas aren’t usually so cute!) and the beans inside give him a good weight, stable but light. It really is fun to roll him around a flat surface and whichever way you roll him he quickly rights himself as usual!

The best and most magical feature of all the beanie ballz though is their eyes. Tank has big huge eyes with lovely glittery irises, but the best part is putting him down on a table and looking at him from all angles. He’s always looking at you whether you look at him from above, below or the side…he’s always there to look at you! So sweet!

I’d recommend to any kids and even adults who like stuffed animals, especially gorillas and those with a birthday on 1st June! Really recommend!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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