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Review: Ty Beanie Ballz – Dewdrop


Birthday 25th November

*This review is for the small version.

I can’t believe nobody has left a review yet for this super cutie! This hippo’s name is Dewdrop and her birthday is November 25th. Dewdrop comes from the beanie ballz range which are a range of toys that are shaped like balls and stuffed mainly with fluff, but just enough beans in their base to make sure they always land on their feet.

I got into the beanie ballz range when somebody first bought me Ginger, but now I think Dewdrop has become my favourite. Not only does she have those big round eyes but that cute hippo muzzle and that extra happy smile! All the beanie ballz range say you can throw, catch and roll them, but I can’t bare to throw this very sweet hippo; but I have tried putting her on her head, or rolling her on a flat surface and as always she will roll until she’s back in her upright position.

Dewdrop’s eyes are another feature of the beanie ballz range. The eyes all seem to follow you around the room, try it! Put her on a flat surface like a table and move left, right, above and below her and she’ll seem to be watching you wherever you are. I’m guessing that’s why there’s a picture of her eyes on this amazon page. Another thing about her eyes are the colour. I’ve found that in different light her eye colour seems to change from a light yellowy colour to a baby pink!

I’d recommend Dewdrop to any kids or adults who like stuffed toys, especially those with a birthday on 25th November. This hippo is well made and that cute expression is bound to make you smile🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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