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Review: Ty Baby Beanies – Sweets


Sweets is such a small and cute little beanie! Part of the Baby Beanies collection Sweets is a lovely gingerbread ball of cuteness! I’m used to the small Beanie Ballz collection which I really fell in love with and already have Ginger from that collection (who’s also a gingerbread) but Sweets is extra small and can fit into the palm of my hand. With a small string on the top of her (I think it’s a her) head you can hang her and seeing as she’s about the size of a Christmas tree bauble you could even hang her for Christmas on your tree!

The Baby Beanies don’t have birthdays listed on their tags. The only thing inside the little tag is the name, in this case ‘Sweets’. There are beans inside the bottom of Sweets. Just like with the beanie ballz you can tip these beanie babies over and they will right themselves because of the beans that weigh down their bottom. It’s only a few beans and the rolling-upright trick doesn’t work as well as it does with the beanie ballz but I can still tip Sweets over a little and she’ll right herself.

Apart a plastic nose the eyes are also plastic and large with green glitter in them. The eyes do a very clever trick of following you around the room. Try it, move up, down, left and right and Sweets will keep looking at you. Sweets also looks and feels durable, the string and her stitching is well made though each beanie is a bit different and some of them come looking longer or flatter – they’re all a bit unique that way. Even without a birthday I really don’t mind as I love Christmas and love the beanie collections that Ty come out with, especially their round ball shaped creatures. And at such a small size and price Sweets makes a fun side gift or stocking filler for Christmas!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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