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Review: Hugine 6 Channel RC Dump Truck


I was sent this Hugine RC dump truck by seller Toy Model Mall for free for a review.

This dump truck is so much fun. It comes well packed in its box along with a controller, charging cable and antenna. Everything is very well packed and you have to detach all the parts using a small screwdriver. The controller requires an antenna to work and this can be found on the bottom of the cardboard when you pull everything out, taped to the underneath. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand with diagrams and they can be found on the bottom of the outer box.

To use the dump truck you need to power it up. Be careful though as I noticed that although no batteries were connected, the truck and the controller were both set to ON in stead of OFF. The ON/OFF switch on the controller is on the front while the truck needs to be put upside down and the switch is at the back end of the truck. The controller needs 2 AA batteries (not supplied) to work and the truck has it’s own battery pack. The battery pack needs a charging cable that comes with the truck but I found it to already be fully charged so instead open up the battery pack on the under side of the truck and connect the battery pack to the cable coming out of the bottom of the truck.

dump1 dump2
Once you have power you can turn both on and play! Make sure the controller has the antenna screwed into it and then you can begin. The truck itself is super fun to use and is so easy to drive. I love the fact that the controller is similar in shape and feel to a games controller. Not only is this comfortable but if like me you are left-handed it won’t be difficult to use this whereas a lot of RC cars have controller meant to be used by the right hand.

There are instructions on which way to push the forward and back sticks but in my experience you figure it out from a few minutes gameplay. Pressing either lever(stick) will make the truck spin forward or backward but always in a circle spinning. When it’s doing this spinning one side of the red lights will light up, either on the left or right (there are two lights on the front and two on the back so either the left front or back or the right front or back light will light up). The trick to getting the truck to move forwards or backwards instead of round and round is to press both levers at once, either both forwards or both back. This lights up the forward or rear lights.
The dump truck can actually tip contents out of it with the touch of a button on the controller. One button for lifting the tray and the other for putting it back down.


This toy is so fun I can’t stop playing with it. The truck doesn’t move too fast, it’s no race car, but this just adds to the realism of it. The sound it makes while performing any movement is also a satisfying truck sort of noise. I can’t really explain it but it’s quite a loud sound and just makes it feel like a real dump truck. The detail of the truck itself is really good too. There’s a shaped engine, ladders on the front, even a drivers compartment complete with a static wheel and driving seat which I’ve managed to manoeuvre a small toy into so it looks like its driving!

This dump truck model is really great, I’ve had no problems with it so far and I really love using it. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to have some fun with an RC toy but who wants a little more. Great for delivering things via the tipping tray and also great if you have a small space indoors and traditional fast RC cars are too fast for your small space, a great toy for any age and any gender!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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