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Review: Hamster Ball Toy


*This item may no longer be available at amaon UK, but may be available elsewhere.

I was sent this hamster toy by the seller eBoot for free for a review.  It was marketed as a cat toy, but is a children’s toy.

This is such a fun toy…for humans and cats! when you first get this toy home and check out the box you’ll see that this toy is marketed as a toy for 3+ humans and not cats (as it appears on amazon), although I can see some cats really enjoying this.
The toy comes in its fun box with instructions listed on the side. These instructions are wrong on which batteries are needed and it is 2 AAA and not the box’s description which says 1 battery.

hamster-ball1 hamster-ball2

Inside the box there are the two halves of the hamster ball and the hamster itself. The hamster itself is very cute and fluffy soft. Turn the hamster upside down and you will see the wheels which are attached to the removable base of the hamster. The instructions state to undo the hook and loop fastener which I went blank for a bit until I realised that it meant Velcro. You just pull the wheel part out and it will detach easily. The battery compartment is hidden on this part and opens up by simply sliding the bit with the Velcro. Insert the two AAA batteries and replace the whole part back into the hamster.

The next thing you want to do is get the two halves of the ball and see how they lock together. It’s best to check you can close it before you put the hamster on or you might let your friend loose all over the place! The two halves of the ball DO have some notches and you just place together the halves and then turn them one way of the other depending on whether you are opening or closing it. It’s easy once you see it🙂.


I’d advise putting the hamster upside down into one half of the ball and then turn it on. That way it won’t run out of the ball half (Which it keeps doing) until you have shut the two halves together. Then just let it go!

This thing is so funny! The hamster’s wheels are not perfectly aligned but this is done on purpose. The result is a crazy hamster that keeps running in all sorts of different directions inside the ball. It runs for a bit one way, and then turns another way. Then for a bit in one way, then it spins around for a few seconds deciding which way to go, then it goes that way…etc! So funny!


You can of course leave the hamster running without the ball too, but it’s far more fun with. The toy works best on a floor but depending on the thickness of your carpet pile it could work on some carpets too. This toy is a lot of fun to have just for humans and I think it would make a fun silly toy to get for anyone who finds this sort of silliness funny. It really made me and my family laugh in hysterics for a bit.
It could also be a toy for cats although if your cats are anything like mine they might ignore it or be unimpressed with such a toy – still worth a try though:).


I’d recommend this toy to anyone! Great for humans and cats too it’s just so much fun, so funny and so silly! Just beware trying to stop this thing, when you take apart the ball and this thing is on it can shoot out across the floor so be careful🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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