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Review: ChuangFengToys Flexible Police Car Track Set


I was sent this toy police car track set by Chuang Feng Toys for free for a review.

This is a really fun toy with so many pieces. You get track pieces in blue and green, parts to create a bridge, a cardboard flat folded police station, lots of plastic road signs, a police car and two large ping pong balls which will become robbers. There’s a lot to explain about this toy and how it works.

police-set1 police-set7police-set5

When I first took it out of the box I though I’d be getting straight track pieces and curved ones, like many other toys, but this isn’t the case. Each track piece is made up of small sections that piece together. Imagine railway sleepers and each track piece is like one of those. Because of this you can break apart the track into each of these one segments (sleepers). Putting the track sections together is very easy, they slot in easily together but having so many pieces is great as this whole track becomes very versatile, bending and curving wherever you want it to.


There are instructions only included with the bridge pieces and how to create a bridge which is very easy although obviously an adult will have to do all this as snapping the bridge pieces together takes some force. Once you’ve assembled a track and bridge to your liking it’s time to add the extras. There is a cardboard police station which literally folds together to stand up, then there are road signs and things which come with separate stickers so kids can have fun even sticking the stickers on things.


Once the whole track and things are set up it’s time for the things that will move along the track. There are two extra large ping pong balls in a bag and these come with stickers of robbers to stick on them. These ping pong balls can be pushed along the track and will ‘run away’ from the police car as it chases them.
Finally it’s the police car. This runs on 2 AA batteries (you will have to provide yourself) and the battery compartment is underneath the car, you need a small screwdriver to get to it. Once unscrewed you have to pull off the compartment lid in the same place that the screw was (a bit tricky the first time for me as I wasn’t sure it was going to lift). Once the batteries are in it’s time to play!


The car has a button on the top and pressing it will turn on the car. The wheels spin and red and blue lights flash. I’d advise putting the car on the track before pressing the button. The car is very fast, in fact so fast that the first time I had the car on the track it flew over the bridge I had created and onto my floor. This was more my fault at creating a steeper bridge than I should have so just be aware of the fact this thing is fast!

The car has slightly rubbery wheels so it does stick to the track well. The whole toy itself is very fun although the packaging does say it glows in the dark and I have tried turning the lights out and can confirm that it does NOT glow in the dark. Other reviewers seem to have a glowing in the dark track but I can’t see a thing! There is one more misleading thing on the box and that is a picture of the track set up in a loop as if the car could go upside down, this wouldn’t work due to the weight of the car (when loaded with 2 AA batteries) plus the track doesn’t hold and bends downwards when I’ve tried putting it this way.


Despite these two bad points this really is still a great toy and they are only minor niggles that don’t take away from the sheer fun of watching the police car catch the crooks! Setting up the track to be shaped however you want is really the fun part for me and if you buy another set you have even more track pieces to work with! Overall a great toy, just don’t believe it glows in the dark!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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