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Review: Beanie Ballz – Ginger


Birthday 15th December

*This review is for the small version.

Ginger is the first Ty beanie ballz toy I got as a gift this Christmas after going through a bad patch in life. She’s so cute she instantly cheered me up. Let me start by telling you that her birthday is 15th December (about the time you’d start baking gingerbread cookies perhaps!). Ginger is of course called Ginger because she is a cute gingerbread. The cutest thing about her is her eyes, they are glittery all around the pupil and so big and beautiful and those black eyes just follow you around the room wherever you are. If you put her down on the table and try to go above her, below or sideways you’ll always see her looking at you!🙂

The beanie Ballz range is so called because all the toys in the range are balls. And Ginger does fit nicely into my hands, but she’s more than a ball…She’s a ball that can right herself whenever she’s knocked over, however she lands. Just try putting her on her head on a flat surface and watch as she rolls over until she’s upright again. This is due to just the right amount of beans being stuffed into her base, but most of her isn’t beans, just regular soft cuddly toy🙂.

So much fun, so cute I’d really recommend this beanie to anyone whether a kid or an adult who loves stuffed toys, this beanie’s face alone is sure to cheer you up. I’d also recommend her for anyone who shares her birthday of December 15th. She’ll also make a good Christmas present!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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