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Review: YIXIN Mosaic Puzzle Kit


I was sent this mosaic puzzle set by Yixin for free for a review/

This comes in its colourful box with lots of examples of possible pictures to create using the mosaic tiles around the back and sides of the box. Inside the box is the white board to place the tiles on plus a sheet of paper with four more designs to create and the tiles in their colour sorted bags. Unfortunately I did not get blue tiles, instead another green bag of pieces was there but given that there are more square shaped rather than triangle shaped pieces, this worked out well as I wouldn’t have been able to finish the flower stem in the picture below without the second green bag. There is also a small paper with some stickers of eyes which can be stuck onto a few different square tiles, creating eye pieces to use in pictures such as a parrot or rabbit.

mosaic-puzzle1 mosaic-puzzle2

using the tile pieces is very easy though a bit fiddly sometimes. Children can follow the instructions to create pictures they can see on the paper or on the box, or they are free to imagine anything they want and create whatever comes to mind. I remember growing up with similar mosaic shaped toys which were foreign and I had hours of fun creating all sorts of invented pictures. It’s this freedom to create whatever pictures kids want to that really makes this a great toy in my eyes.


The white board and a few of the pieces in their bags had some staining on them from manufacture but this was easily cleaned with a wet cloth. The tile pieces don’t click into place like lego and can easily fall out but this makes it easy for kids to place and re-adjust which pieces go where to create their perfect picture. With so many pre-shown designs too it’s easy for kids to spend quite some time creating these pictures, as it did me with the flower (shown on the side of the box).


Overall a great toy just a shame there weren’t any blue pieces for me.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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