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Review: YIXIN Magnetic Drawing/Chalkboard & Letter + Number Pieces


I was sent this kit by Yixin for free for a review.

I have the ‘style B’ option. This comes in it’s colourful box and wrapped inside plastic. When you take out the wooden box there is a white board acting as the lid. This can be turned around and becomes a blackboard instead. Inside the wooden box is a small box of chalk (3 colours- pink, yellow and green), a yellow sponge for cleaning up the chalk and also a pen for writing on the whiteboard. This pen has a fluffy eraser on the lid as well as a magnet allowing you to stick it directly on the whiteboard. There is also a large re-sealable bag full of magnetic shapes, letters and numbers.


The magnetic pieces can be poured into the wooden box for kids to use and the board can be placed to stand behind these pieces as in the picture. Unfortunately two triangle shaped pieces had their magnetic sides unstuck so couldn’t be used on the board without applying some glue to them. The rest of the pieces work very well and stick easily to the magnetic whiteboard side. You can create a few different people or creatures or shapes plus there are some numbers and letters so kids can create basic words and sums, although there aren’t any repeated letters so no chance of making words such as ‘hippo’ or ‘hello’.


Using the pen on the white board is easy and rubbing it off is easy too using the fluff on the end of the lid, however opening the pen lid for the first time required a lot of strength so an adult will be needed. The chalk goes on well onto the blackboard and rubs off very easily too using the provided yellow sponge. The board can be placed like a lid on the box making drawing even easier.


Overall this is a great toy for kids with a lot of creative and learning potential. Kids can work on simple maths puzzles, spelling and also be creative with the different shapes to stick on the magnetic board. Apart from the two that lost their magnetic backing and the slightly sharp insides of the box which could have mini splinters, I would say this is an excellent toy for any younger child.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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