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Review: Tribe Wooden Magnetic Drawing/Chalkboard & Animal Pieces


I was sent this kit by Yixin Store for free for a review.

This comes in a lovely box with various versions of the same toy shown on the box. I have the animal pattern version. When you open the box you will see a wooden box wrapped in plastic. When you take this plastic off the lid to the box is actually the white board/blackboard. And inside the box is a bag of all the magnetic pieces. The white/black board (depending on which side you use) can be placed inside the wooden box, as the picture shows, and all the various pieces can be places from their bag into the box, making for easy containment of all everything.

tribe1 tribe2tribe3tribe4

There are various pieces of different shapes, some actual things such as butterflies and faces and other are just shapes of various colours and patterns. Kids can place these shapes on either side of the board and they will stick to the board with a slight magnetism. You then have the added fun of using the black or white board. In the pack along with the magnetic pieces there is a box of chalk with two colours of chalk (red and white) and a small green rubber. The chalk goes very easily onto the blackboard and I’ve tried the green spongey rubber, it does remove the chalk completely and very quickly.
There is also a pen included with the pack. This pen has a fluffy sponge on it’s lid. The black pen can write easily on the white board and does come off with the fluffy pen top although I had to turn it a certain way for this to work.


This is a really fun toy with hours or creativity. Kids can come up with different scenes and pictures using the shapes and can do a wealth of things with the white or black side of the board. The only problem I can see with this toy is that the parts of the wood that stop the board from falling flat when placed inside the box have slightly sharp edges and have slight mini splinters on them making it a bit sharp for young kids hands, but overall a good toy and very durable.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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