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Review: Rainbow Rage


Rainbow Rage is an interesting game and fun game but better played with more players and is very easy to learn. Inside the box you get two sets of rainbow cards, instructions, a sticker and plastic rainbow pieces. The instructions are colourful, in English, include diagrams and are very easy to read and understand.

The instructions to the game are very simple and you learn how to play immediately which is great. The basic gameplay is that you have rainbow cards. These show a rainbow but two of the colours of the rainbow are swapped. For example the red and blue have swapped places. Playing the game you place this rainbow card in front of everyone to see. The first person to figure out that (in this case) the red and blue are the colours that have swapped places, must quickly grab the red and blue stack of plastic blocks. After grabbing them the player takes one block from each of the two stacks to keep.
The idea of the game is to go through this method of correctly spotting the colours, collecting the coloured blocks until you are the first player to have your own rainbow of coloured blocks.

rainbow1 rainbow2

There are two different sets of cards, easy and hard. I’ve described the easy rainbow cards but the hard ones are tougher as you have to look at a rainbow where all the colours but 2 have swapped places so instead of grabbing the stacks of the colours that have swapped you have to pick the two that are the same. There are also rainbow cards hidden in the deck. These are perfect cards that when spotted you have to shout out rainbow before anyone else and you get to pick a block of your choice.

Playing this game is fun (but not as much as I had hoped) but a game doesn’t last long. Mixing up the cards is far more fun for me than playing just hard or easy as it’s just too easy a game for over-observant me. Each game is quick but I did have fun playing this. I do think, though, that this game would be more fun to play with more than two players, although it can be played by just two. Having just two people makes it fun but too easy and I think the more there are then the harder it will be to win a game and therefore it will last longer. For two players the game only lasted a few minutes, so we played several rounds.


The name Rainbow Rage comes from the idea that you get enraged when making a mistake and calling out ‘rainbow’ when there isn’t a perfect rainbow card (which gets rid of all the blocks you’d collected) but this rage didn’t really happen. However I do think it’s a fun game and some people will enjoy it more than others. Kids might enjoy this more than adults but more players should be used than just two. I wasn’t overly excited by this game and the price tag of £15 seems too high for such a simple game and it’s for these reasons I’m dropping a star, but still not a bad game to play.

Rating: 3-4/5 (depeding on how many players – the more the better)

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