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Review: FEN JIE Fishing Game


I was sent this fishing game by Fen Jie for free for a review.

This game comes in its colourful box. The toy itself sits in the box along with fishing rods and alternative octopus to fish rather than the fish. Everything is plastic. There are four fishing rods so four people can play but there are no instructions.

I remember playing a fishing game just like this when I was younger so I was excited to try this toy. The base of the toy/game looks like a big yellow crab, complete with fun eyes. This crab already has fish in it but you’ll have to take them out and turn the crab upside down to access the battery compartment. This battery compartment is screwed on and once open will need two AA batteries to function. You have to provide the batteries yourself. Once in, you turn the crab back the right way up, put the fish inside the holes and you are ready to play.

fishing1 fishing2

Every player has a plastic rod with another plastic stick attached to it. This stick has a hook on the end and it’s with this hook that you try to pick the fish up by. Turning the switch to ‘ON’ starts the game. There’s a tune that plays ‘London Bridge is falling down’, I think, and the whole blue section with the fish rotates and as this happens the fish open and close their mouths. Hooking the fish is harder than I thought and this game is equally good for adults to play as it is children. The idea is to hook the most fish at the end of the game, or hook the most as fast as possible. The game can be played taking turns or everyone trying to fish at once. With no rules you are free to make up your own!


To try something different you can take out the fish and put in the octopus instead. This is something you should definitely do with younger kids as there’s the chance to hook the octopus with their tentacles which are always available instead of the open mouths of the fish which takes more patience and accuracy. However even with the octopus it’s still a fun challenge, and hooking one doesn’t always mean you pick it up, I’ve dropped a few just after picking them up!🙂


Overall this is a great and fun game at a currently good price. The adjustment for younger players is great with the octopus counters and the whole game has an appeal even for adults, however the music can get a bit annoying over time as there’s only one repeating tune but an overall great game that can be played with up to four players or even one person alone, which makes it a great toy!


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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