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Review: Disney Frozen Best Friend Diary Set


I was sent this Disney Frozen Diary set by Slammer for free for a review.

This is a beautiful diary set, just perfect for best friends, sisters, etc. The diary set comes in lovely packaging and with official Disney logos. Inside the box you get two personal diaries, each with their own padlock and set of keys, plus some extra jewels and stickers.

frozen-diary1 frozen-diary2

The two diaries are shaped so that when they are placed with their spines together they form a heart shape. Each diary has the same pictures on each side, so there is no need to worry about who gets which character.
The diaries each have a padlock and this is a nice working padlock that is pink and heart shaped and has a lovely picture on one side (I’ve taken photos to show you). The padlock opens with a key and each diary has a set of two keys with a lovely chain holding them together and on that chain there is half a broken heart. The two broken heart halves come together (one with each set of keys) to form a whole one, just like the diaries do. This helps with that special bond best friends have and can make these diaries feel really special.


The diaries each have a red ribbon bookmark and have lots of pages to write in and the pages are all very pretty and have pictures or lovely boarders around the lines, but for me, the paper quality used in the diaries is what lets this product down. The paper is quite thin and double sided so kids are expected to write on both sides of the page. Unfortunately, although it’s not the worst paper I’ve come across, it is thin enough to cause problems if kids wanted to write with ink or indeed gel pens, which I loved to use when I was younger. It’s the type of paper that could easily see the gel pens leak through, ruining the other side of the page. However if pencils or biros were used then there wouldn’t be a problem here.


Overall this diary set is just such a lovely present to get and perfect for best friends, whether related or not. The added stickers and jewels that stick onto the diaries allow each one to be personalized and the whole idea of having lockable diaries that come together is lovely, it’s just a shame that the paper isn’t a slightly thicker quality that I’m used to seeing with pretty diaries such as these.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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