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Review: Crayola On The Go – Mini Mosaics


This is a great and cheap little kit to keep kids entertained. Everything comes ready to use in this pack, no need to purchase additional pens, pencils or glue. There are 40 papers with various designs, anything from a hand-glider, to trains, to sunsets. Then there are 20 decal sheets with 10 different colours, these are little sheets of stickers, each sheet hold tiny square stickers that kids can stick onto the pictures to add different colours, the places to put the stickers are already marked out on the sheets. Finally you get 4 pip-squeaks felt pens, they are mini Crayola pens, but the colour range is limited-only red, orange, yellow and blue. This can make for interesting and creative pictures, but I would have liked to have seen a green pen also as plenty of pictures have leafy parts.

Everything comes ready in the box, the packet opens a bit like a book with the pens securely placed on the left and all the papers and stickers wedged on the right. The box is not perfect though and there is no separate place for the stickers to be stored, no separate compartment and they tend to move around a bit, so I’d advice people to just be careful if using this pack while on the move, be careful not to lose any sticker sheets or papers.

The papers are a nice quality, quite thick (they can easily take the heavy use of the felt pens) and everything is very small in size, including the stickers which little fingers can handle, but any adults helping can find a bit fiddly to unstick. Also be careful not to crush the cardboard box too much or you might find all the papers falling out the bottom.

Having said all this I’d still recommend this as a great travelling pack, certainly something I would have enjoyed as a kid when travelling, or great to keep the kids from getting bored during the holidays especially as it’s a ready made kit!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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