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Review: Guinness World Records Board Game


This board game is all about the guinness world records. 2-4 players can play walking their counters around the board. The whole idea is to gain different coloured counters and then the guinness world record certificate to be crowned the winner. This is done with a mixture of answering questions and doing challenges. The questions are different, but all based around world records. Some are multiple choice, some ask you to guess a number and the who am I questions ask you to look at a picture while guessing who somebody is from the description. These last type of question however are disappointingly easy as most of the times you can guess the answer (it’s multiple choice) from the picture you are looking at.

The challenges all involve dice. From building a dice tower with one hand blindfolded, to trying to grab as many in one hand blindfolded. There are many dice challenges but a lot of them are repetitive, asking you to do the same thing but blindfolded, or with one hand etc.

You have to collect different coloured tokens (each colour is associated with a different question/challenge) and once you have enough you have to get the certificate, hold on to it and cross the finish line before another player steals it from you. There is only one certificate so if you have four players each with enough counters, the game can take a while to finish as you all keep stealing the certificate from each other.

The game itself is fun to play but I’m a bit disappointed with how easy the who am I cards are and how quickly you can go through them. After you’ve finished them if you keep playing you might remember the answers so not so good for that. The dice challenges are also a bit repetitive and feel more fun played amongst a bigger group of players rather than two.

Overall the game is good, the components are durable, you get a timer and dice and everything feels well made and has a nice neat place in the box. The instructions are also not too confusing although like most games you need to read it through a couple of times just to make sure you’re playing right. Overall I give this a 4. It’s educational in the fact that you learn these world record facts and fun to play, but I’d recommend more than 2 players for better fun!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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