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Review:Travel Inspira Foldable Duffle Bag


I was sent this foldable duffle bag by Camryscalestore for free for a review.

I received this duffle bag, the 40L in the happy orange colour. The bag comes as you can see wrapped in a plastic outer packaging and all that inside a small plastic bag. When you take this plastic outer casing off you reveal a cute little bag that looks more like a mini purse than a duffle bag.
This duffle bag is clever, because you can carry this light mini bag around with you until you need it. When you unzip the top you find the duffle bag inside along with a strap, this will be the strap that allows you to carry the bag cross body. The duffle bag itself is actually attached to the bag and unfolds out of the ‘mini bag’. Keep pulling it out until you have the entire duffle bag out and then as you come to shape it you’ll notice that the ‘mini bag’ can become a pocket in the side of the duffle bag. Just push it inside out to create the pocket and then you have that extra pocket that opens along the edge of the bag.


The material itself is water resistant and is quoted as being ‘comfortable ripstop’ fabric. This is actually very true and the material itself is very comfortable to touch. Softer than most water resistant bags made of similar material. The duffle bags handles and cross-body strap are the usual material that most sports bags of this type are made of and seem well sewn on.

The ‘ripstop’ fabric that I mentioned is pictured below. I believe that this lattice effect on the bag is to give it extra strength. I’ve tried pulling at it and it seems good quality and although I haven’t exactly over tested this bag yet but I have carried some heavy books and other heavy objects inside with no visible damage or wear and tear and with the bag carrying a 1 year guarantee (on the packaging) it makes it more reassuring that this is a quality made bag.


The happy orange colour (actually called royal orange) looks good as I take it around. When not completely full it does look quite creased though, although what else do you expect from a foldable bag.

I must point out a slight issue I had with the cross body strap and that was with attaching it. The actual straps attaches well and once attached doesn’t open and there’s no risk of it suddenly un-attaching but as you can see from my picture below the way to attach it is by pushing and forcing the plastic part on the bag into the hole of the attachment (not sure how to describe it as I can’t remember what the traditional clip attachment is called). This takes a lot of force and if your fingers are a little sore or you suffer a bit with your hands it can be a bit tough. Once attached the -strap can be easily adjusted in length.


The duffle bag itself is really lovely and fun to use. It has lovely big zips and really seems like something that can take the wear and tear. Folding it back up into its little bag is very easy too, I’ve done it, just reverse the ‘mini bag’ pocket and then fold up the bag into that pocket. You don’t even have to fold it away neatly, it’s a great fabric that just folds up and stays inside the bag as you push it in.

I’d recommend this bag to anyone needing a foldable duffle bag. Although I can’t speak for the long term use of it yet, I can say it looks and feels like a quality made product and is very easy to fold up and unfold.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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